Purrfect Feline Friends

How to Care for your Feline Friend Feline Friends is a blog dedicated to Cats and their Cat Parents. Veterinarians, we are not, nor do we claim to be.  Cherish the relationship cats have with their Cat Parents and we want to help make that relationship a good one.   Owning cats for over fifty years I could not imagine life without them.

Cat Parenting for the very first time is very daunting. It is a lifelong responsibility as our feline friends can live to twenty years plus they become part of the family.  Hence all their daily needs must be catered for.

Playing with your Feline Friend Felines are great company and will be your companion for many years to come. Playing with your furry friend is great as it will keep you amused for hours.  Suitable play toys are all you need.

Accommodating your new family member will require re-arrangement of the family home.  Felines become so much part of the family that they  relieve your daily stress.  Talking to them is great fun especially when you are home alone.

Keeping your new feline friend in a  lifestyle they are accustomed is costly along these lines a  kitty cat bank account would be ideal.  Felines likewise encounter health issues the same as us humans which obviously may require medical attention.

Care must be provided for your feline friend if you are ill or away for quite some time.  A house sitter is the purrfect solution or alternatively a Cat Boarding Kennel which can be quite costly.


Cat Intuition

Kitty cats appear to have intuitive powers like knowing when their Cat Parent is ill.  Cats have been known to detect cancerous growths and predict seizures in humans.

Cats become very stressed especially when the daily routine in the household changes.  Cats are used to a daily routine.  Slight aspects of body language in their human companions that indicate sickness or distress reflects onto your kitty cat.

There are many kitty cat items available, but doing a comparison between different brands of the same products assists the Cat Parent in making a decision to which product they would purchase.

All our furry friends are picky fussy eaters and some breeds of cats are very talkative and are huge attention seekers, so it is important that you choose a feline friend with the right temperament to fit into your household.


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